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Gaining Experiences: Internships & Externships with Cohen Career Center

By now your student is situated at W&M, and the Cohen Career Center is so excited to get started with them on their career journey. The Cohen Career Center works with all undergraduate students to include Arts & Sciences and the Mason School of Business. To connect with W&M students, every Sunday evening – yes, that is right, every Sunday night during the semester – we send the Career Conversations Newsletter to all students. In the newsletter, we share upcoming programs, events, career fair information, workshops, and organizations seeking to hire W&M students for internships and full-time opportunities. We offer industry newsletters that are specific to career interests such as creative careers, STEM careers, business careers, education careers, social service careers, government, and non-profit careers, and JumpStart-information that is curated specifically for the first-year student. We offer 1:1 career advising, mock interviews, resume reviews, and guidance for graduate and professional school. We offer assistance for externships, internships, and full-time opportunities in all industries.

One of our main priorities is to help your student engage in either an internship or externship during their undergraduate career. We encourage all students to pursue opportunities to learn about industries and apply their skills.

An externship is a one to two-day shadowing opportunity, generally during Winter Break. The Externship Program is facilitated by the Cohen Career Center and viewable through TribeCareers. An internship is a professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to a student’s field of study or career interest. Internships are generally 8 weeks or longer, mostly during the summer.

We rely on parents and family members – across the country and in a wide variety of career fields – to host externships and internships. Two members of the Parent & Family Council share why they choose to support student career development:

“My own career track took a non-traditional path from biochemistry to law. I volunteer with the Cohen Career Center because I’m passionate about helping students find their own path and consider career options that may not be typical.  My law firm has hosted student externs and I have had an opportunity to do career talks, both in-person and virtually. The one commonality with all of these experiences is how impressed I am with W&M students, all of the students with whom I have interacted, have been articulate, poised and incredibly smart.”

– MaryAnne Armstrong, P’23

“Helping students with their career choice is one of the most rewarding experiences of my job.  I firmly believe in the value of apprenticeship. Credit Suisse offers great internship opportunities for students and employment programs for graduates. I was happy to be able to steer a number of W&M students towards financial services and guide to secure internship positions.”

– Dmitry Zaslavsky, P’23

Whether your student is looking for an externship or an internship, encourage them to start early and connect with the Cohen Career Center! These experiences are excellent ways to grow their personal and professional skills while networking with other members of the William & Mary family.

Please consider hosting an externship or internship (virtually or in person) this year! The deadline to post winter break externships is October 1. Visit TribeCareers to post your opportunity today! For questions about supporting experiential learning opportunities at the Cohen Career Center, please contact Lisa Randolph at 757-221-3230 or

Finally, each week we offer workshops on resume writing, interviewing, LinkedIn, networking, and more. Feel free to check out our calendar of events for the most up-to-date information! And, we offer a Dress to Impress Closet! Students have the opportunity to peruse the professional attire in the Closet and select items just right for their interviews and professional networking opportunities.

Please visit our website: for up-to-date communication and career-related resources. We look forward to working with your student on their career journey!

Support the Parents Fund to make an impact on career development opportunities for all students at William & Mary.

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